Shiloh College are carefully developed to meet the needs of a changing world with the Word of God which changes not.

Our students are led through the course selection by guidance counselors who understand the students gifts and calling, in order to identify the program that would be beneficial to them.

Shiloh College Credits assignments (Prices in USD)
Instructional fifteen (15) hours is equivalent to one (1) credit.
Instructional forty five (45) hours is equivalent to three (3) credits.
Certificate Courses has a minimum of thirty (30) credits – $1,760.00
Certificate in Strategic Management (30) credits – $3,310.00
Certificate in Project Management (30) credits – $3,310.00
Diploma in Project Management (60) credits – $4,510.00
Diploma in Strategic Management (60) credits – $4,510.00
Bachelor has a minimum of hundred and twenty (120) credits – $4,310.00
Master Programs has a minimum of ninety (60) credits – $5,110.00
Doctorate Programs has a minimum of thirty six (36) credits – $6,310.00

Shiloh College also offers a tailored 18 Month (Eighteen) Ministerial Diploma designed to prepare students for a Christ-centered ministry as Pastors and Ministers.

Students must complete 80 credit hours of study in order to qualify for a ministers diploma and apply for licensing.

Shiloh College offers Chaplaincy program. Our graduates works in hospitals, school, Police and prisons offering this needed support.

Chaplains provide a ministry of presence to people in need. Ministry contexts include (but not limited to):

• Hospitals 

• Schools • Colleges • Universities

• Prisons  • Law Enforcement • Fire Departments   

• Military  • Sports Teams • Community Missions & Events  

• House Blessings • Funerals • Family Ceremonies 

• Buildings Dedications  • Street Ministry

Ordination and Ministers licenses is through William Kimando International Ministries at and Consecrations of Bishops through the Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops at

For Christian Counseling students, after graduation they can apply for Counseling certification from Global Association of Certified Pastoral Counselors at