Shiloh College Conakry Guinea is headed by Dr. Joseph Togna Doré as the Director and Dr. Theresé Doré as the Registrar. Dr. Doré is a Consecrated Bishop and Dr. Theresé is an affirmed Apostle with Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops, Apostles and Prophets. Both have been in ministry for over 19 years ago.

Dr. DORÉ has served in the following areas:
. Pastor
. Chairman of the Alliance of Churches and the Evangelical Missions of Guinea (AEMEG)
. President of the Emmanuel Foundation
. President of the Mission of Reconciliation and Healing
. Representative of the Institute of Theology: United Church, Christian and Ministerial Association (UCCMA), USA

Dr. DORÉ is also a chartered accountant.

We thank God for this great Campus and pray for God’s favor upon them.

Shiloh College Guinea Campus
Main office – Conakry
Keitayah Suria T10

Conakry Guinea