Faculty of Christian Counselling & Psychotherapy

Professor Nattalee Solomon-James

Shiloh College faculty of Christian Counselling prepares professional Christian counsellors to operate both in Christian and non-Christian communities.

The department is committed to helping students develop the knowledge, values, and necessary competencies for an effective professional Christian counselling ministry. We are confronted with overwhelming mental illness issues which are resulting to numerous casualties. More than any other time, Chaplains and Church ministers need to be equipped to help those struggling with mental illness.

While our programs of study are designed around the revealed truth of Scripture, students learn to evaluate and apply relevant and reliable findings in the social sciences to the understanding of people and their life situations. In addition to this, our Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral programs cover several areas of specializations offering students a wide range of counselling options that will fit with their particular counselling interest and spiritual calling.

Within the Bachelor and Master’s programs students can choose to specialize in Addiction Counselling, Marriage and Family Counselling, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Social Work, or may select to pursue a general focus. Each of these specializations provides students with the academic and practical backgrounds needed to work proficiently in his or her particular field of specialization from a Christian perspective.

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