Welcome to the Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office supports current undergraduate and postgraduates students with their registration, financial needs, scholarships, awards, exams, and graduation.
Our team specializes in understanding College policies and procedures to ensure that the quality of the support you receive meets your personalized needs. Feel free to contact the registrar in person, or by email at registrar@shilohcollege.com
About the Registrar’s Office
Shiloh College Undergraduate studies are administered through the Registrar’s Office. This office is responsible for registration support and maintenance of undergraduate student records, including: admission, communication, course scheduling, final examinations scheduled, grade reporting, convocation, financial aid, awards, scholarships and Undergraduate Calendar

The registrar is committed to:

  1. Facilitate recruitment of undergraduate applicants domestically and internationally
  2. Supervises the admission process of applicants to all undergraduate programs
  3. Keeps accurate student records
  4. Manages class schedules
  5. Set up examination timetable and administer final examinations
  6. Prepares the record and grades of scholarships students
  7. Organize and execute convocation ceremonies;

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