All individuals who respect and support the Christian faith are welcome to apply for admission to Shiloh College. The following documentation is necessary for all prospective full-time and part-time students to submit:

A completed application form along with a non-refundable application fee of $50.00. This application fee is not part of the tuition.

An official transcript from each learning institution attended from high school must be submitted to the Registrar. Advanced credit/s for the Degree program may be applied if applicable.

Two photographs of the applicant must be attached to the application form.

Two personal references, one from a pastor and the other from a verifiable individual who is not a relative.

A brief summary of your personal testimony.

Once all required paperwork has been obtained, the student’s file will be reviewed by the admissions office. A letter of acceptance will be given if the applicant is accepted.

Download application form here
Canadian Students Only – Payment options
Non Canadian – Payments Options