Dr. Loyo Paul
Uganda Campus Director

Welcome to Shiloh College Uganda Campus

Nestled within the New Creation Evangelical Church and situated opposite Pajwenda C. O. U in the vibrant community of Tororo, Uganda, Shiloh College’s Uganda Campus stands as a beacon of academic and spiritual excellence. We invite you to connect with us for any queries or further information:

  • Local Contact in Uganda: +256(0)772-428-365 | +256(0)706-473-696
  • International Inquiries: +1(170)528-06366 | +1(647)702-5973

Leadership and Vision

At the heart of our campus is Dr. Loyo Paul, a distinguished leader in both academia and religious circles. Dr. Paul is an alumnus of Reformed Theological College with a Bachelor of Theology, further enriched by his Masters and Doctorate in Theology from Wycliffe University in California, USA. His vision and leadership have been pivotal in founding and overseeing more than 100 churches across East and Central Africa.

Community Impact and Outreach

Under Dr. Paul’s guidance, our campus extends its reach beyond academics. A key part of his ministry includes managing an orphan center supporting 20 children and extending outreach programs to over 500 children affected by societal challenges such as polygamy, conflict, abuse, and political instability.

These efforts are integrated into the wider mission of SAAIM Missions International, a collaborative initiative led by Dr. Paul, alongside his wife, Loyo Margaret, and a team of committed individuals.

Academic Programs

Shiloh College Uganda Campus is proud to offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, each designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond:

  • Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution: Mastering the art of mediation and conflict management.
  • Chaplaincy: Training in spiritual care and guidance.
  • Social Work: Empowering students to drive social change.
  • Christian Counseling: Providing tools for compassionate and effective counseling rooted in Christian principles.
  • Divinity: Deepening understanding of the divine and its implications for the modern world.
  • Theology: Exploring the depths of theological studies.
  • Christian Education: Equipping future educators with a Christian perspective.
  • Pastoral Studies: Preparing for spiritual leadership in various religious settings.

With Dr. Loyo Paul at the helm, Shiloh College Uganda Campus is poised to flourish, contributing significantly to the academic and spiritual landscape of Uganda and beyond. Join us in our journey of learning, growth, and service.

Functional/Development fees

  1. Certificate courses $200
  2. Diploma $300
  3. Bachelor $400, Research $100
  4. Master $600,Research $200
  5. PhD/Doctorate $700, Research $300

For more information:

  • Local Contact in Uganda: +256(0)772-428-365 | +256(0)706-473-696
  • International Inquiries: +1(170)528-06366 | +1(647)702-5973