Shiloh College are carefully developed to meet the needs of a changing world with the Word of God which changes not.
Our students are led through the course selection by guidance counselors who understand the students gifts and calling, in order to identify the program that would be beneficial to them.
Shiloh College Credits assignments
Instructional fifteen (15) hours is equivalent to one (1) credit.
Instructional forty five (45) hours is equivalent to three (3) credits.
Certificate Courses has a minimum of thirty (30) credits
Certificate in Strategic Leadership
Diploma has a minimum of sixty (60) credits
Bachelor has a minimum of hundred and twenty (120) credits
Master Programs has a minimum of ninety (60) credits
Doctorate Programs has a minimum of thirty six (36) credits
Shiloh College also offers a tailored Ministerial Diploma.
The Ministers Diploma is an eighteen months theological program designed to prepare students for a Christ-centered ministry as Pastors and Ministers.
Under the instruction of academically and spiritually qualified instructors, students receive sound knowledge of the Word of God and worship.
Students must complete 80 credit hours of study in order to qualify for a ministers diploma and apply for licensing.