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Shiloh Bible Institute & Seminary


Faculty of Sacred Music


The Music, Praise and Worship Department is headed by Matthew J. Pearce.

Matthew holds a First Class Honours Bachelor of Art in Music technology and popular music. He also a teaching assistant at Wolverhampton University while doing his Teachers qualification PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in education).

Shiloh Bible Institute & Seminary is dedicated to training students in Church Music Ministry and Worship Leadership.

The Music, Praise and Worship program offers a one-year Worship Leaders Certificate, as well as Degrees (Bachelor, Masters & Doctorate), which are multidisciplinary study programs providing education in:

  • Music Theory & History.
  • Church Worship & Songwriting.
  • Practical Music Studies. In addition, students are required to write, produce and record their own music/songs. And this will be sent to an affiliate of Shiloh Bible Institute and Seminary recording studio where it will be assessed, marked and given professional feedback.
  • Private instruction in major instrument or voice for each student.
  • Worship team settings.